About me

Once upon a time, I mean 7 years ago, my third year in university. I was interested in PHP, designing and developing web, specially poking, managing and coding plugins for vBulletin. At the same time since I used to play MMO-BBg a lot, I had looooooooots of ideas for making an MMO! but really? u? without coding experience? and money? and again money?

So I looked at the options. vBulletin. 6 months later I made a stupid funny MMO game by vBulletin scripts, Arazel.org. There was just one problem. I couldn’t make all of  needed scripts to make a fully automated game. So I had to do a lot of things manually. After 3 months I had 500+ players while couldn’t manage them. Arazel was done and gone.

That was a good start. A company, Simulator Developer offered me a job. They liked my idea and they offered to join them as game designer to continue making my dream. An MMO-BBg. After two years the game was out. AsmandeZ. It was a real game and became The MMO of the year in 2013.

It was a good job. I wanted to try another challenge. I joined another game studio, Sourena game studio, to make an action-rpg. That was a huge challenge for our team. The game became popular and Best Upcoming Indie Game of 2013 on indiedb.com.

Well, Sometimes you want to make something for yourself. So after this game, I decided to do an indie game for myself. Me and two other colleagues decided to make a tower defence game for ourselves. After 9 months Rush for Glory was available on Steam and people loved it.

Sir, yes sir. Military services and wasting 2 years of life was the next season of my life. I mean before coming to Malaysia and start working on Darkness Fallen (A card game that I had no idea about its genre. The game is done and the team is looking for publishing options) and Death fortress.

Wigu games and a game idea that I die for. 7 months ago when Oru, my housemate, told me about his new project, I was so excited about it. So I decided to be a part of this journey with this great team to make this dream come true! And here I am. On the road again. There I am Up on the stage. Here I go Playin’ star again. There I go Turn the page.
P S: Guilds of Destiny, was a great experience for me. I’ve learn a lot from my team in Wigu games. But I turned the page; Currently, I’m working on my own projects as game director of my company, “Lazy Samurais”.

For the formal version, take a look at my CV here!