Upcoming games

“The Sweeper”

Currently, I’m working on the sweeper, an idea based on the Minesweeper. (Direction of arrows show the bombs/mines)

First prototype

Second prototype (Playable)

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Third prototype includes:
1- Timer
2- Ranking
3- Different sizes
3.5- Flagging
4- Tutorial
5- Graphics and animation improvements
6*- Upload on Kong to get some feedback
7**- Android version

“Train Runner”

Is another game that I tried to work on it. It’s gonna be a 2D-runner, players have to change the lanes to kill zombies and avoid getting hit by blocks.

building1 zombie18 zombie19 zombie22 zombie11 zombie15 wagon3 messenger8 driver-3 driver-1-3driver-1-1 driver-1 messenger3 monsterstation5 doll1 train2 vehicles3 zombie3 zombie8 zombie1 zombie2